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Workout on an empty stomach

Dear Dehli, Did you know that according to NFHS (National Family Health Survey) of India (2007 data), 45.5% of your male inventory is overweight or obese? Congratulations on overtaking Punjab with a whopping 15% margin and holding the title of The State with most obesity of India". Not only did you win the men's non-health championship, you even nailed in women's non-health championship with an enormous 50% of females rendered obese in 2007. Talking about 2016, over 20.7% of India's female population is overweight while that of the male population is 18.6% with urban areas contributing almost two-thirds of them. But guess what? People die of heart attacks even if they are not overweight, they get diabetes even if they are not overweight, and all sorts of diseases are prevalent in the normal weight category as well. Ever thought why is that? Let me tell you in another post. For now, let's just talk about how to proceed with your weight loss/muscle bui
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What are complex carbohydrates?

If you have read some of my previous posts, you must have an idea of what carbs are, they are basically the primary source of your body's energy. If you don't take carbs, it would become extremely hard to survive the day, especially if you have a lot of work to do. A human body, like every other piece of machinery, needs fuel to function properly, and that fuel is carbs. Protein, carbs, and fats are macro nutrients that could serve as a source of energy, but carbs come first on the list of preferred fuel for your body because it's what they are supposed to do. If your body is using protein as energy, it means you are breaking your muscle mass which is not good, and if your body is using fats as energy, it means you are losing body fat which is not a good thing for a fit person, and a temporary thing for a person who wants to lose weight (topic for another post). After eating carbs, your body then works to break those carbs into glucose which gets stored in glyc

6 benefits of Bananas. Do they lead to weight gain?

I don't think I have actually met a person who can say that bananas won't make you gain weight. While there is an increasing awareness on this topic, still millions of people relate bananas with weight gain. I won't say it is entirely wrong, but I get frustrated when people don't even google this kind of stuff and just give their verdict. This is the problem I want to solve, because if people don't know what they should be doing, how can they expect to get results? They won't eat a banana because their so called well wishers have strictly warned them, that bananas lead to weight gain. What if it's the other way around and you just wasted your precious time, maybe months or years trying to get back in shape? Did you ask for a valid reason behind their judgment? How can someone blindly trust anything? And bananas are just a tip of the ice berg, tell your folks you're thinking of buying whey protein powder and you'll invite your worst nightmare.

7 Benefits of Strength Training

. In my  last post , I stressed on how  strength training and HIIT  can help you burn fat faster. Apart from fat burning, strength training also has a ton of other benefits that I think should be known by everybody because, “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”  W ritten by   Socrates   during 4th Century BC .  And I strongly believe in it. Socrates Now that we I have established how important  strength training  was even during the 4th century BC, let me tell you why. You'll be stronger . The only type of weight I like is  muscle weight , which makes you stronger and faster, with more endurance than a regular person. Besides, we have been given muscles for a reason, that reason is not just "moving", there's more to it. You must have seen people doing insane things with their st

This workout will most likely melt your stubborn fat

Before you skip the whole content and just scroll to the best part, which is the workout you should go for is you wanna burn fat, let me make it very clear, it won't work fully, if you don't eat the right foods . 70-80% of your efforts should be your nutrition for any workout to change your body completely. But, since workouts do differ in terms of effectiveness and goals, there is a workout to burn fat faster than other workouts . Basically, I am highlighting 2 types of workouts, both of them are suitable for males and females. Let's see why these workouts stand out from the crowd in terms of effectiveness. 1. Strength Training/ Weight Training First of all, let me make three things clear before you start to wonder. No, females will not pack on muscles and get bulky by doing strength training. Most females celebrities do strength training on a regular basis and you know you want to have a body theirs. To get bulky, female bodybuilders really need to push

7 reasons why a good sleep is important

One of the most crucial yet ignored factors responsible for a healthy lifestyle is Sleep. The reason for your headaches, stress, dormant lifestyle and obesity is inadequate sleep. While most people are aware of the importance of sleep, they cannot manage a good night's sleep due to various reasons, be it work, exams, stress, etc. This post will highlight the importance of sleep and I will suggest you a way to get some. Sleep brings your stress levels down During 7-8 hours of good sleep, the body brings down your stress hormone (Cortisol), and produces Testosterone (male hormone) in men, and estrogen (female hormone) in women. These male and female hormones are very essential for a healthy body, and they also increase your happiness hormone (serotonin). If you've ever woken up after a good 7-8 hour sleep, you must have experienced the happiness and satisfaction. That can be not only on Sundays but every day, and your life will become happier, you

Gained Weight after quitting the Gym? What went wrong?

Surrounded by perspectives and opinions, no matter how false or inaccurate, people not only do nothing, but they also stop others from doing it. This reminds me of a story of a group of monkeys, I'm sure a lot of readers remember it. The story goes like this:  "A monkey was put in a cage with no roof and manageable height of the walls so it could easily climb his way out and set itself free. The moment he tried to climb the cage wall, a machine from top came and pulled him down with a hook. The monkey was now baffled and after multiple failed attempts, it finally gave up and made peace with the cage considering there was nothing it could do to change things. Soon the sun was down, and the machine was gone, the monkey had the whole night to escape the cage, but due to its past experience, it did not even try this time and stayed in the cage for the whole night. Next morning, another monkey joined it, and, like the first one, it also tried to climb the cage wall,